Making IT work is our job


Bethesda Community Senior Citizens’ Center, Inc. :

Logan and Associates have been providing service to us for over ten years, whenever we needed IT assistance. They rewired our building and put in new switches so we could service more people and continue to provide technical assistance. We find them to be experts in the area of computer technology.

Company B:
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How We Work with You

If your small business, church, school, or non-profit is looking for a 1-stop IT shop we invite you to partner with Logan and Associates, serving the Southeast Wisconsin area since 1988. We have provided quality service to our customers for over twenty years.

We can build, repair, replace or upgrade your current IT infrastructure using the latest technologies to meet your telecommunication needs.


  • All work begins with an interview to discover what services your firm requires (FREE)

  • An on-site walk through is performed to develop a proposal (FREE)

  • A Hardware/Software analysis is performed for your review

  • We generate a proposal; a $500 non-refundable fee is charged to your account and must be paid in full upon delivery of the written proposal.

  • If we are awarded a contract to fulfill all the specified services, the amount may be adjusted downward based on the total award from the contract

  • We conduct a final interview to confirm details of the proposed work

  • A signed contract is delivered to a representative of Logan and Associates

  • Work will commence within 5 days of the signing of the contract or on a mutually agreed upon alternate date

Let Logan and Associates show you how we can upgrade your network, replace your phone system, or setup your computer lab.



Logan and Associates is pleased to announce that we have been selected as a Preferred Installer for the Mitel Intertel 3000 phone system


Why the Mitel 3000 phone system?

  Affordable growth -Increments of 2 lines and 8 extensions keep costs in line and make configuration simple. Up to 52 extensions (40 standard and 12 IP) for maximum capacity.



James Logan
414-445-5891 fax

Mitel 3000 Small Business Package

Promotion through May 31, 2010

Hate your phone system, not enough features? Are you tired of that  poor analog phone connection? Thinking about replacing your Analog phone service with a T1, or maybe you just need a new phone system? if you answered  yes or maybe to any of these questions this promotion is for you.

Infrastructure Business Package

Promotion through May 31, 2010

Any qualifying non-profit, church, or small business that adds 10 new connections to an existing lab or single location will receive free two additional connections,  expansion and diagnostic consultation,  and a new Fast Ethernet Rack Mount Switch; a $450.00